SSL Reseller Program

Device Attestation

Issue x.509 certificates for IoT devices that
adopt the brand-new Matter protocol.

Device Attestation Certificates
for Matter IoT Device Manufacturers.

Issue and manage device certificates that comply with the Matter protocol…
so your devices can securely connect to and communicate with any other Matter enabled device.
With Matter, you’ll make the setup process much easier for your customers —
they’ll be able to connect your device to their existing smart home devices in seconds.

Issue Matter-compliant certificates quickly with DigiCert's ready to deploy tech

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Quickly issue and manage x.509 certificates that comply with the Matter standard

IoT devices adding support for the new Matter protocol require trusted x.509 certificates for device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication. These certificates must comply with the Matter standard and also be issued by a Matter-approved certificate authority.

As the only certificate authority participating in the Matter project, DigiCert is able to quickly help manufacturers issue Matter-trusted certificates for their devices.

All Matter devices are required to provide proof of identity via attestation keypair and x.509 certification signed by a Trusted CA so that the data is shared only between known Matter entities.

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Why IoT Device Manufacturers
are Adopting the Matter Protocol

Consumers want IoT devices that are secure and easy to use—right out of the box. Matter is a protocol that allows IoT devices to easily and securely communicate with other devices, the cloud, and/or a mobile app—even if they’re from different manufacturers. For example, consumers could connect their smart speaker, thermostat, doorbell, and home security system together—even if they’re from different manufacturers.

Flexible & Agile

Easier To Use

Matter devices give consumers a faster, easier way to setup new devices in their homes.

Market Insight

Widely Compatible

End users can interconnect devices, even if they’re from different manufacturers.

Unmatched Experience

More Secure

The Matter protocol was built to address the most common IoT security threats out of the box.

Deep Access

Better Reliability

Avoid connectivity issues that can frustrate end users and overload your technical support teams.


Who Is Part of Matter?

The Matter protocol has been developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), a group of 250+ industry IoT leaders including many of the largest IoT manufacturers in the world.
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Issue Matter-compliant certificates quickly with DigiCert's ready to deploy tech

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DigiCert Has Everything You Need to Issue & Manage
Certificates for Matter IoT Devices

Flexible & Agile


Get your own custom Product Attestation Intermediate signed by DigiCert’s Matter-trusted root CA.

Market Insight

Easily Scalable

Automatically issue device attestation certificates—either one-by-one or in batches.

Unmatched Experience

Start in 1 Week

Start issuing certificates in as little as 1 week, thanks to DigiCert’s proven infrastructure.

Deep Access

Certificate Manager

Full certificate lifecycle management with
DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager.

Deep Access

Fully Integrated

Fully Integrate into your manufacturing processes through REST API, SCEP, EST or CMPv2.


Quick Comparison of Matter PKI Approaches

IoT manufacturers building Matter support into their devices can choose to create their own Certificate Authority or get their certificates through DigiCert. If you choose the DIY route, you’ll need to meet all compliance requirements, complete third-party auditing, then go through an approval process to have your root certificate accepted into the Matter root store.

Setup Timeline
Ready to deploy
CSA plans to limit the number of root certificates accepted into the program; not all applicants should expect to be approved.
No limit—DigiCert is able to issue unlimited Product Attestation Intermediate CAs from their trusted Root CA.
Compliance Requirements
Required to follow CSA compliance requirements for CA technical specifications, physical security and facilities, personnel background checks and training, employee policies, audit logging and backup, records archival, security controls, key protections, etc.
DigiCert handles all compliance requirements to ensure your certificates meet Matter standards.
Third-Party Audits
Required to hire a third-party auditor to complete regular audits.
DigiCert handles meeting all audit requirements.
Lifecycle Management
Limited / None
DigiCert® IoT Trust Manager offers full-featured lifecycle management, including multiple options for integrating into your manufacturing flows.
Unpredictable costs (hardware, software, personnel, security, third-party audits, etc.)
Predictable, fixed cost (annual fee + cost/certificate)
Fully supported by DigiCert (co-creator of the Matter standard)

Issue Matter-compliant certificates quickly with DigiCert's ready to deploy tech

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