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13 years of unprecedented success in SSL/TLS reselling bottled up into one proven Partner
Our channel knowledge and experience is also applied to an expansive portfolio of
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Leverage our buying
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No Contract Required

No Contract

Relationship is driven
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Enhanced Support


Convoluted vendor
support channels are
challenging. We
augment & streamline
them to a single point.

Multi-Brand Strategy


Access to many leading
cybersecurity brands and
solutions without
the direct vendor

Premium Service


Dedicated account
management and
boutique marketing
always at
your service.

Grow with DigiCert & Sectigo's #1 Global Specialist Partner.

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Instantly Capitalize on Rapidly-Growing Market Segments

SSL/TLS Certificates


Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing

Email Signing Certificates

Email Signing

Document Signing Certificates

Doc Signing

User Certificates


Device Certificates


Certificate Management


Managed PKI


Private & Subordinate CA

Private &
Subordinate CA

SSL & SSH Key Management

Key Management

IoT Identity Management

IoT Identity

Website Security


Website Backup


Malware Protection


PCI Compliance Scanning

PCI Compliance

Trust Services


Vulnerability Scanning


FBCA Certificates


eIDAS Certificates


TLS for Google AMP

TLS for
Google AMP

Over $100 million in revenue generated for SSL reseller partners.

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Immediate Access to Market-Leading Brands

Digicert Brand
Digicert all Brands
Digicert Other Brands
Sectigo All Brands
Sectigo Other Brands

We've already mastered SSL reselling, follow our lead.

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Web Hosting Plugins

Plug right in to popular web host billing & server management platforms
to automate SSL provisioning and installation.

Web Hosting Plugins

Enterprise Integrations

Our enterprise-grade SSL, PKI, & security solutions seamlessly work
with all of the major enterprise platforms.

Enterprise Integrations


The Things that will Really Move the Needle

Flexible & Agile

Flexible &

No corporate red tape.
We help you seize
the moment.

Market Insight


We're completely
dialed in. We'll help
you capitalize.

Unmatched Experience


No need to reinvent the
wheel. We'll share our
reselling recipe.

Deep Access


Unique opportunity?
Industry crisis? We have
the connections.

Unbiased Advice


We're not beholden to
corporate interests.
We're beholden to you.


Who Benefits from a Reseller Partnership?

Web Hosts


Domain Registrars


Security Specialists

SSL & Security

Web Designers & Developers

Web Designers
& Developers



Marketing & SEO Agencies

Marketing &
SEO Agencies

Brand Management Agencies

Brand Management

System Integrators


Software Distributors


Cloud & CDN


Daily Backup

Join a 15,000+ Reseller Partner Network.

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How We Grow Partners

It's simple! Our hands-on strategy support wraps a proven partner eco-system
around you. Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we'll help you capitalize
on high-margin digital security product opportunities that are primed for
growth in 2020 and beyond.
Daily Backup
  • Integrate Workflows

    Integrate Workflows

  • Optimize Buyer Journey

    Optimize Buyer Journey

  • Product Merchandising

    Product Merchandising

  • Align Messaging

    Align Messaging

  • Train Sales & Support Teams

    Train Sales & Support Teams

  • Data Scans & Target Marketing

    Data Scans & Target Marketing


What our Partners Say

  • Nearly doubled (194%) our weekly SSL sales average

    Large Web HostStar

    Increased our YoY SSL Sales by 30%

    Large Web HostStar
  • Increased our total certificate volume by 93%

    Top 30 ICANN Accredited RegistrarStar

    Nearly tripled our wildcard sales

    Top 30 ICANN Accredited RegistrarStar
  • Increased our YoY SSL sales by 48%

    Leading ICANN Accredited RegistrarStar

    Increased our monthly SSL sales by 41%

    Top 30 ICANN Accredited RegistrarStar
  • Increased our EV SSL sales by 500%

    Top 30 ICANN Accredited RegistrarStar

    Increased our monthly SSL sales by 109%

    Leading ICANN Accredited RegistrarStar

Join the #1 SSL Reseller Program in the world.

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Built to Scale as You Grow


Completely customized with exclusive
benefits tailored to top-performing partners.

Platinum Select Partners demonstrate the highest-level of commitment and reap the greatest business, financial, technical, sales and marketing benefits while satisfying the highest set of annual requirements. By invitation only.


Unlock maximum discounts and enhanced benefits to accelerate growth at $10,000 in annual sales.

Platinum Partners are committed to leading with our products. They receive the highest margins and enablement to execute joint business plans.


Unlock more impactful discounts and benefits at $5,000 in annual sales.

Gold Partners earn access to new opportunities and margins to propel their security business further.


Unlock better discounts and benefits at $1,500 in annual sales.

Silver Partners earn access to new opportunities and margins to grow their business.


Instant access to discounts and benefits upon online registration.

Bronze Partners gain instant access to discounts, education and training to kick-start the partnership.

  • Make Profit from SSL Reseller Program

    Unbeatable Reseller Pricing

    We get it, SSL certificate reselling has always been about pricing, pricing and more pricing! Today, we pride ourselves on it being much more about our value-added services, but of course we have unbelievable and unbeatable pricing right out-of-the-box for all types of SSL resellers. As Platinum Elite partners of DigiCert, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL and Sectigo, we have access to wholesale buy-rates that most resellers could only dream of. We have huge commitments to uphold, so the quickest way for us to fulfill our obligations is by passing most of those savings downstream to maximize volume. You'll immediately get access to the same products as if you were buying direct, but at discounts up to 90% OFF MSRP. Register today to see how you can save BIG and turn a real profit by reselling SSL & other website security products! Learn More

  • SSL Integration

    Integrate to Automate

    SSL reselling can certainly be annoying. Not if you automate. Automation is the new black in the digital security certificate industry. The browsers have influenced the CAs to kick it into high-gear to figure out better ways to fully-automate certificate lifecycles. Since we've always been on the bleeding-edge of industry movements, we're constantly building new or enhancing our current plugins, integrations and APIs to make an SSL reseller smile. As a premium SSL service for the past 13 years, our experienced developers are constantly creating specialized tools & plugins to automate the pesky management and provisioning tasks that come with reselling SSL. Our resellers get so much more than just industry-leading products at awesome prices, we provide an array of quick and seamless ways to integrate SSL certificates directly into your business so you can maximize profits. Partner to profit by integrating today! Learn More

  • Capitalize on Industry Trends

    Capitalize on Global Trends

    For the past few years, the market has been ripe for the taking. All kinds of players emerged to capitalize on industry trends and shape the way SSL/TLS is sold or resold today. It started with the browser community leading the charge by forcing sites to deploy HTTPS in one way or another. From warnings to site boosts and everything in between, the browsers made CAs adapt to their demands or fear dying. Now, after a few years of hard work, the CAs are primed for rapid growth once again as they take the next step in the evolution of SSL certificate reselling. Free SSL certificates were a necessary part of the push that CAs needed to get their act together. Free SSLs helped encrypt a majority of the internet. However, free SSLs are not what actual businesses need to rely on for the safety and security of their customers and sensitive data. There's so much at stake, and the market is quickly realizing it wants a commercial CA in their corner—it's nice to have someone with a vested interest in your corner. There is so much ground to cover, the CAs can't do it alone, will you be there to service the demands of the global market? Start reselling SSL today. Learn More

  • EVforME Program

    Sales Enablement for Days

    Our Partner Program is designed to provide the right enablement at the right time—all to help you sell more SSL and website security products. No matter your partner type, there are all kinds of sales enablement tools at your disposal, whether it is the SSL Profit Portal or full-fledged Channel Marketing Services, these are the things that actually set us apart from other SSL resellers out in the wild. We're consistently coming up with new ideas and turning them into valuable sales enablement tools that help you earn more. Register today to see what enablement tools you get right out of the gate. Learn More

  • Support to SSL Reseller

    Support from Real Experts

    There are so many "so-called" SSL reseller shops out there that are actually just a few guys working out of a basement. They are the ones who have historically given SSL support a bad rap—not on purpose, it's just that SSL sometimes requires that human touch to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have almost 100 employees and about half of them are real SSL experts that make up our award-winning Customer Experience team to provide 24/7/365 premium support. Our follow-the-sun model puts SSL experts on tap at all times for our resellers. We have always been a premium SSL service and that's because we have a premium team of experts on stand-by to help reduce the total cost of SSL reselling. It's easy for some of our competition to sell SSL for dirt cheap to compete with us on price, it's impossible for them to compete with our service. Efficient SSL sales & management is much more than just selling a widget as cheap as you can. Our seasoned SSL experts make your SSL reselling experience smooth and worry-free. Learn More

  • How Reseller Program work

    How SSL Reselling Works

    So, how exactly does our Partner Program work for SSL resellers? Well, we buy in bulk from vendors and you buy from us at better rates than you could on your own. Simply put, we buy in volume and sell in volume and pass the savings through. Additionally, you get to leverage all of the value-adds we bring to the table in order to streamline your path to success. Operationally, it can work a few different ways depending on where SSL reselling fits into your business model and how you intend use our system. Since there are a few ways you can interact with us, it's probably best to work closely with our onboarding specialists to get you up and running quickly. They'll be able to guide you in the right direction that fits with what you have going on. This page can shed a little more insight on how the SSL reselling relationship works. Learn More

  • AutoInstall SSL Video

    AutoInstall SSL®

    AutoInstall SSL® is our proprietary technology that automates the SSL process for web host resellers and their customers. It is available for both cPanel and Plesk. It's also the back-end engine for some cool things that we build. Talk to you onboarding specialist or account manager to learn more about what it can do for you today. Learn More

  • Why Choose US

    Why Choose the #1 SSL Reseller Specialist?

    To put it bluntly, we have more experience, buying power and vendor leverage than any other SSL reseller in the world. And as a true SSL specialist, we've seen and done it all. Through our proven Partner Program, you can quickly tap into the best minds this SSL reselling game has to offer. We've been sitting at the top for years and we don't mind sharing the recipe. We believe that our premium SSL/TLS reselling service will provide a huge boost to your bottom line. With us, you get immediate access to the world's most trusted digital security certificates and solutions at unbelievable wholesale rates. We feel like your search for an SSL partner stops here, but if you need more info, here ya go: Learn More

Platinum Partners of the World's Most Trusted SSL Brands.