FREE Integration Tools for SSL Resellers

Access to specialized plugins to make SSL a breeze.

One of the most important ways to ensure that you profit from SSL is to decide the best way for your business to integrate with our system. We have leveraged our resources to develop specialized plugins, along with the most advanced and feature-rich API in the industry, to help our resellers set up a streamlined system that makes the management and provisioning of SSL as simple as possible. Also, once your pricing level is upgraded, it will never come back down, we don't work like that. We also offer...

SSL Store API Integration

The Industry's Most Robust API

Our fully functioning API is built on REST and is immediately available to all resellers once their account gets activated. This is the best way to integrate with our system, as it will allow you to create a completely customized SSL management center. We also have an SDK available for PHP and C# users and 24/7/365 technical support available to help our resellers set everything up smoothly and of course properly.

Exclusive Plugins

We have also developed a number of specialized plugins for some of the most popular hosting and billing platforms in the world. These plugins are designed to work with your current platform so you can seamlessly set up your new SSL offerings. We have FREE and not to mention, AWESOME plugins available for:

  • WHMCS Logo
  • cPanel Logo
  • Odin Plesk Logo
  • Odin Logo
  • Bill Manager Logo
  • Hostbill Logo
  • Blesta Logo
  • Autoinstall Logo
SSL Store Integration

AutoInstall SSL™

Our latest breakthrough and a true SSL industry revolution, AutoInstall SSL™ takes virtually all of the cumbersome labor out of dealing with SSL and getting it properly installed for you clients. AutoInstall SSL™ is currently available for both cPanel & Plesk, with desktop versions for Linux and Windows on their way soon☺. With AutoInstall SSL™, your customers will be able to automatically do the following 100% on their own. Yes, we said it…on their OWN! Imagine what that can mean to your business flow and bottom-line:

  • Generate the CSR
  • Validate the domain
  • Download the certificate
  • Install the certificate
  • Verify the installation

Again, this truly revolutionary technology can be harnessed and capitalized by our resellers for FREE. You can learn more about our NEW AutoInstall SSL™ technology or simply sign up for your FREE reseller account to gain immediate access to AutoInstall SSL™ and start using it today.

White Label Storefront

This pre-built fully-hosted website solution is a small clone of the famous www.theSSLstore.comfront-end and back-end and can be custom branded for your company. Simply upload your logo and choose a color scheme that resembles your company and you can have a complete and ready-to-go SSL website up in minutes. Also, further customization is always available; we can chat about it and see what you have in mind. Your customers will never know we exist and will have access to every product that we, I mean you, have to offer. The most popular function of the White Label Storefront is to serve as a complimentary solution to your main website. We do require a minimal deposit into your reseller account to allow this solution to work… Sign-up for your FREE reseller account and then activate your white-branded SSL storefront when you’re ready.

Whitebranded Solution
Send Invite

Send Invite Link

This unique option allows resellers to purchase an SSL certificate on behalf of your customer and then lets them complete the process while you bill them through your typical way of billing. Once a reseller purchases a certificate from their control panel, our system will send the recipient (your customer’s email address, which is input by you) a White Labeled email with instructions on how to complete the next steps to generate and eventually issue the certificate. All the work is taken off your hands! This is an excellent option for resellers that are in the process of integrating their system with us or are just managing a few SSL certificates manually.

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