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Yep, it's true! You can actually achieve ROI from your SSL by simply investing in premium certificates to activate all trust indicators in browsers; like the familiar "green address bar"! All certificates encrypt; however, all of them DO NOT add the trust & confidence an EV SSL certificate can bring to your site. You'll fall back in LOVE with your conversion rates.

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Email & Document Signing

Email & Document Signing Certificates

Fast, easy, and highly secure

Today more than ever, people rely on the Internet to send and receive personal information. Mortgages are signed. Bank accounts are opened. Applications for employment with social security numbers are submitted. The list goes on and on.

And the only way that this is accepted is because of truly advanced encryption technology like you find in email and document signing certificates. With this tool at your disposal, you can send and receive sensitive information without worrying about the true identity of the sender or the data being compromised.

Email & Document Signing

Email & Document
Signing Certificates

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Certum Basic ID






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Certum Professional ID



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Domain + Basic Business


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Certum Enterprise ID



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Domain + Basic Business


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Personal Authentication Certificate






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  • Encrypt and sign emails
  • Digitally sign Microsoft Office documents
  • Authenticate yourself to online services
DV SSL Certificates

Email & Doc

Email & Document Signing Certificates

Securing your data

The good news about email and document signing certificates is that this encryption technology is relatively easy to navigate, and this is important because you can't go without it if you’re looking to handle sensitive data. People are already leery of identity theft and they are now more cautious than ever when it comes to opening emails and documents from senders that they aren’t 100% familiar with.

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CERTUM Basic ID Certificate

Basic ID Certificate from CERTUM is a quick option used to sign and encrypt electronic communication on the web; such as, emails and files. It uses a basic public key certificate to make sure all information transmitted and received is authentic, meaning nobody, intercepted, read or forged these documents within the transmission.

Priced as low as $10.45/yr.

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CERTUM Professional ID Certificate

Professional ID Certificate is a more premium version of the Basic ID product because it actually does a full authentication of the user's identity, the email address and the company's details; also all of which will be included in the certificate.

Priced as low as $15.70/yr.

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CERTUM Enterprise ID Certificate

Enterprise ID is the highest level of security that is available from CERTUM for any type of PCC ID certificates. It's also has the highest financial liability that CERTUM backs and is ideally used for signing the most important and sensitive documents a company, corporation or enterprise could have. All kinds of senior level executives and upper management use this as it also is an electronic seal.

Priced as low as $28.78/yr.

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Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates

Comodo Personal Authentication Certificates (CPACs) are easy and affordable solutions used to secure business communications. These certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign email communications, offer two-factor authentication of users and employees, secure important company documents sent across the network, and will authenticate to ensure they have clearance to access online servers. CPACs are fully trusted by all major email clients and internet browsers and rolling them out to employees or customers is a breeze.

Priced as low as $13.80/yr.

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