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Tampa Bay Start-up Program

Hey Tampa Bay! We love to help out our local tech community.

As the St. Petersburg/Clearwater/Tampa area continues its efforts to cement itself into a tech start-up hub in the southeast, we’ll be right here doing what we can to help. In order to succeed, all start-ups need help with every little aspect that they can. Having been there ourselves, we now proudly offer and extend our knowledge, expertise and product solutions for FREE to some of the local start-ups all over the Tampa Bay area just because we can.


So, if you and your fellow entrepreneurs feel that your start-up company may qualify for one of our highly recommended Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates to protect & ensure your customers ' and/or users' data and to show the world that you are a legitimate company that can be trusted, then go ahead and fill out our application. If you and your mates qualify, you'll be eligible for a premium SSL certificate from a globally recognized and trusted security company that normally costs $299. Good luck!

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