Cybercrime Can Happen to Anyone

Small to medium sized businesses are victimized by hackers every day

One of the biggest misconceptions about Cybercrime is that it only happens to the largest companies. And while hacks and data breaches that affect major corporations do tend to get the most publicity, that doesn't mean that small and medium-sized businesses aren't also at risk.

E-Commerce is a burgeoning industry—it is expected to be worth 6.7 trillion US dollars per year by 2020. And that makes the industry as a whole a huge target for hackers and cybercriminals. And those hackers and cyber criminals aren't just focusing on the big boys, the huge companies at the top. They're targeting everyone.

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60% of the small businesses that fall victim to a cyber-attack go out of business within six months...

Consider this....

Consider This

Now think about this

Now think about this, only 3% of the internet is encrypted!

The bottom line is you need to make sure you're keeping your website safe. After all, your website provides hackers and cyber criminals:

  • Company Network Way

    A way into your
    company network

  • Comapany Access Data

    Direct access to
    your company data

  • Customers and Partners

    Information about your
    customers and partners

You cannot afford to leave your website vulnerable

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Here are some additional facts and figures to help underscore the need for web security, regardless of your company's size:

  • Cybercrime cost

    How much cybercrime cost the
    global economy in 2015

  • Claims recorded in 2015

    One of the highest cyber-breach
    claims recorded in 2015

  • Data breach in 2015

    The cost of an average
    data breach in 2015

  • Identities exposed

    Identities were exposed in
    data breaches in 2015

  • Cyber insurance premiums

    The amount cyber-insurance
    premiums surged in 2015

  • Average number of identities

    Average number of identities stolen
    per data breach in 2015

In Summary

As we've already stated, you simply cannot justify being unprepared for Cybercrime. It can happen to any company—large or small. And its effects can be devastating. SSL/TLS is just a component of a larger comprehensive security solution, but a vital one nonetheless.

You need encryption, there's just no way around it.