Marina Lee

Director of Customer Experience

Marina Lee

Marina Lee is The SSL Store's™ Director of Customer Experience. She's a problem solver, someone who makes your problems her problems, and then solves them for both of you.

When she can take an issue that's keeping a customer up at night and fix it for them—that's the most satisfying part of her job.

That's why we call her "The Fixer." She can take even the most complicated subjects and boil them down to analogies that anyone can understand. She can resolve even the most complex issues. Basically she's an SSL Superwoman. She even has an alter-ego that works as an amateur mycologist and has been published in local newspapers—Clark Kent eat your heart out.

For real though, in her personal life, Marina has a plethora of hobbies from video games to comics to knitting. And she really does have an obsession with fungus. So much so that she has a fungus tattoo. Did you know that the largest living organism in the world is a giant fungus that lives in Oregon and is 2,384 meters big? Or that there are billions of fungal spores in every cubic meter of air all over the world? Marina does.

This girl's got fungus on her mind—when she's not solving the world's SSL problems, that is.