Join the Encryption Everywhere™ Program

If you're a web host, get in on the ground level of the Encryption Everywhere™ program

DigiCert and The SSL Store™ are rolling out the new, game-changing Encryption Everywhere™ program. The goal is simple: to encrypt the entire internet. Right now just 3% of all websites are encrypted. Soon it will be 100%. Where will you fit in?

Encryption Addressbar

This is exclusive to The SSL Store™ web-hosting resellers only.

These entry-level certificates will be a bare bones encryption-only certificate and completely hassle-free thanks to a new fully automated certificate issuance process. And DigiCert NEW lightning-quick REST API and DNS-validation will help to support high volumes and the automated issuance process.

DigiCert and The SSL Store™ will do this by offering complimentary single-domain DV certificates – no frills, just industry–standard SSL/TLS encryption from the market leader – that you can include with every domain you're hosting. Now every site can easily deploy standard encryption at no cost to the site owner or you—the hosting company.

This complete program is also intuitively designed to help your entire customer-base walk up the value-chain into the more appropriate higher–value certificates, depending on their business type and needs.

If that sounds too good to be true, wait until you hear this...

Since we're now talking about ALL of the websites you're hosting – rather than the extremely small number you sell SSL to today – you and your support teams may be dealing with a lot higher volumes than you're used to. So, since we're the industry leader, we've already thought of a few things to help off-set your impending increase in support–related activities.

To put it another way, you're going from 3–5% to 100%. Supporting that growth is going to be difficult to manage, so we have some tricks up our sleeve specifically designed to help you succeed.

Why Participate in Encryption Everywhere™?

Still need more convincing? Here's a few more things to consider.

The Encryption Everywhere™ program allows you to bundle in complimentary SSL with all of your hosting packages—not to mention the proven tools and resources to place customers into paid certs.

We're all aware of places like Let's Encrypt and Amazon Web Services – so why not align your offerings with those companies as well? We're thinking you'll certainly want to stay competitive with Amazon.

And this isn't some overly ambitious goal, either. Encryption of the entire internet is going to happen. From the non-profit initiative Let's Encrypt offering the most basic free 90–day DV certificates to the giant push from the browser community to completely phase out HTTP in favor of HTTPS–the landscape of the internet is changing.

The Encryption Everywhere™ charge is being advanced by the most trusted brand in web security, DigiCert. Few companies have the reach and the resources to pull this off, but DigiCert can. And thanks to their deep partnership with us – and hopefully you – they will.

Encryption Everywhere™ Offers Numerous Benefits

The benefits to your hosting business are undeniable. You'll be one of the first hosting companies offering a new product to all of your customers, and with that comes the potential to cash in on higher revenues from cert upgrades and other web security products.

Think about it, your potential SSL customer–base will increase from the depths of 3–5% of your hosted sites to where every site you host now utilizes SSL. To put it in real world terms, if you can upgrade a mere 1% of them with our proven tactics and techniques, it will more than double your SSL unit sales. Yes, double! And 1% is conservative, we think it will be more like 5–10% with our knowledge and know-how.

Simply put, it opens the door, it rolls out the red carpet and it paves the way to new higher-valued SSL product offerings like never before, such as:

  • Wildcard
  • Multi-Domain/UCC support
  • Stronger security (i.e. ECC)
  • EV Authentication (green address bar)
  • Performance optimization
  • Trust offerings (site seals, warranties)

This is a proposition that's too good to pass up. So don't. The internet is evolving. Will you be evolving with it or left in its pixel dust? Can you really afford not to take advantage of Encryption Everywhere™? Can your customers afford not to adapt?

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